Chez Chopin

December 3, 2011

Looking for something a little different to buy for the holiday season? Delos, the great American label for the past 38 years, has come up with an interesting twist in a CD offering which includes 24 Etudes (Op. 10 & 25) of Frederic Chopin coupled with a second data CD which offers 24 delicious recipes fully printable with photos. Evelyne Brancart, professor of music (piano), at Indiana University, performed the etudes in a live performance at the Auer Concert Hall on the campus of Indiana University on 7-11-2003. Her performance clearly shows the familiarity she has with these works.

The chosen recipes, also by Brancart, are designed to go along with the music and as you read and study the recipe the etude is also playing. As an example the famous “tristee” is composed in a classic form of ABA: the melody, something completely different in the middle, and then a return to the melody. The chosen recipe, a delectable Ronde Italienne is eggplant, omelet, cheeses, and roasted peppers in a three layer offering matching the ABA format of the work.

Track Listing: Etudes, Opus No. 10

1… No. 1 in C Major Champagne and foie gras (1:52)

2… No. 2 in A Minor Caviar fantasy (1:28)

3… No. 3 in E Major Ronde italienne (3:35)

4… No. 4 in C-sharp Minor Wild salsa (1:57)

5… No. 5 in G-flat Major Black tones (1:39)

6… No. 6 in E-flat Major Ribbon’s melody (3:30)

7… No. 7 in C Major Dancing intervals (1:39)

8… No. 8 in F Major Ornamented romaine (2:26)

9… No. 9 in F Minor Chocolate nostalgia (2:17)

10… No. 10 in A Flat Puff pastry with fruit (2:03)

11… No. 11 in E-Flat Noisetine twists (2:10)

12… No. 12 in C Minor Coffee and Florentines (2:50)

Etudes, Opus No. 25

13… No. 1 in A-flat Butternut cream (2:18)

14… No. 2 in F Minor Riz marocain en poche (1:14)

15… No. 3 in F Major Vol-au-vent (1:41)

16… No. 4 in A Minor Dancing shrimp (1:34)

17… No. 5 in E Minor River and sea delight (3:32)

18… No. 6 in G-sharp Minor Melon Necklace (2:13)

19… No. 7 in C-sharp Minor Tiramisu (5:26)

20… No. 8 in D-flat Chicons gratins (1:12)

21… No. 9 in G-flat Exotic Fruits (1:05)

22… No. 10 in B Minor Ribs haricots princesses (4:18)

23… No. 11 in A Minor For a winter’s night (3:31)

24… No. 12 in C Minor Croquembouche (3:03)

Total Playing Time: 58:31


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