Up In The Lights/Carl Davis

November 3, 2011



Following up his Beatles album Carl Davis offers another compilation of popular material from Broadway. In addition two of his original compositions are included. He is fast becoming the Boston Pops across the pond! Released on his own label CDC this is #13 that is being offered to the consumer.




Highlights include two selections from the 13 hour series on the history of silent film Hollywood.  “Hollywood Theme” is a bright uplifting major key Max Steiner style theme that certainly brings the cinema to mind. “Keystone Kops” is a fun romp that certainly brings the comedy of the silent film to the ear. Four selections from George Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess are nicely performed with violin solos from Matthew Trusler. Well recorded, the yearning of “Summertime,” has never been conveyed as well. Matthew’s technical expertise is featured on “A Woman is a Sometime Thing” and he brings across a nice bit of the romantic touch on “Bess, You is My Woman Now.” The orchestra offers lush background. Fiddler on the Roof “Wedding Dance” offers a fine clarinet solo from Jenny McLaren well recorded that enhances the famous tune. “New York, New York,” begins very quietly with the piano and strings and slowly builds in intensity until the brass join in full force. There is nothing out of the ordinary arrangement wise just a good rendition of the material. Davis captures the dissonance and the modern dance style well in the Bernstein West Side Story compilation of famous melodies. If you’re familiar venue of the Pops/Hollywood Bowl/Hamlisch style of arranging for a symphony you’ll hear some slight variations in style and orchestration but to the average listener this is a70 minute venue that one would hear on a summer evening. If you enjoy the selections you’ll find this a pleasant experience and very easy listening for the ears.




Track Listing:


1… New York, New York (3:02)


2… Carousel Waltz (8:13)


3… Cats Suite (5:42)


4… Hollywood Theme (3:23)


5… Keystone Kops (2:15)


6… Summertime (2:18)


7… A Woman is a Sometime Thing (1:50)


8… Bess, You is My Woman Now (5:22)


9… It Ain’t Necessarily So (2:36)


Tracks 6 through 9 Porgy and Bess featuring Matthew Trusler, violin


10… West Side Story Overture (5:08)


11…My Fair Lady-Ascot Gavotte (3:57)


12… The Fiddler on the Roof-Wedding Dance (5:28)


Jenny McLaren, clarinet


13. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (4:02)


14…Aquarius (4:00)


15…What a Piece of Work is Man (3:28)


16…Let The Sun Shine In (4:26)


Tracks 13-16 Hair


17… A Chorus Line-One (5:42)


Total Time is 71:43


CDC #013



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