Andante for String Orchestra, Op. 22A/Rozsa

October 3, 2011

The andante came about as a filler piece for this recording in 1992 with the help of Christopher Palmer, noted musicologist. The work was based on the first movement of his first String Quartet and is a whole lot more than filler. Rozsa was working on Quo Vadis at the time and as a result the String Quartet was dedicated to Peter Ustinov, actor who he became good friends with. This work is a complete radical departure from the big bold score of Quo Vadis.


Written in one movement andante con moto the nine minute work begins with a melody from the double bass. The melody is quickly assumed by the violins who offer a sense of urgency. The passage is very much like some of his famous noir material he was famous for in the 1940’s. It is a yearning and longing section well developed with excellent atonal harmonic chords. The melody however is quite tonal and upon repeated listens is one that is easily remembered. This work is available through as a download. As previously mentioned in other works on this CD the recording is somewhat flat especially for a digital recording.


Andante con Moto (9:30)

Isaiah Jackson conducts the Berlin Symphony Orchestra

Koch CD# 3-7152-2HI


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