Forever Young (1992)/Goldsmith

September 27, 2011

The 90’s saw Goldsmith score over forty films including some of his best which included Russia House, Rudy, L.A. Confidential (Oscar nominated), Mulan (Oscar Nominated), and Basic Instinct (Oscar Nominated). La-La Land on their 182nd release offer both the original album material as well as 16 unreleased cues.


The Steve Miner film starring Mel Gibson plays out like a Harlequin romance. There were to be no dry eyes when one left the theater, I being the exception that went to the picture for one reason which was to hear the Goldsmith score yet another in a long string that didn’t disappoint me in the least. Grossing well over 100 million dollars shows me how much I know!


I’ve included an original track listing from Big Screen Records #9 24482-2 at 38 minutes and notated where they are located on the new re-release which is a limited edition of 3000 units.


“Love Theme from Forever Young” starts with an introduction from the piano and soft strings building the moment for the soprano sax which offers the melody with excellent counterpoint from the strings. There is no brass until the sax is given a rest allowing the strings to carry the melody and the brass offer the counterpoint. This cue is a perfect complement for a romantic interlude and was written to put tears in your eyes as it complements the visual on the screen. Unlike other scores Goldsmith/Miner were very selective in the use of the theme and didn’t overuse it. “Test Flight” is offered on two separate tracks with and without synthesizer. There is also a sound difference in the recording quality and this reviewer prefers the new previously unreleased version. The sound has a crisp tight feel to it. The original release sounds a bit muffled if you compare the two. The track offers action and a sense of urgency with nice brass. This is a very good example of a Goldsmith track. The test flight theme is repeated in “The Tree” House.” “Reunited” starts with swirling strings with a similar style to Superman or The Rocketeer. The bold theme changes to urgent staccato brass. As it builds to a crescendo it changes to a quiet moment with tremolo from the strings all a build up to the love theme again with sweet romantic strings complemented by the piano. Like the “Test Pilot” I found a slight improvement in the unused track. “Let’s Go” begins very quietly with the harp and a single hand simple melody on the piano. Mostly, this is a quiet romantic track without the use of the love theme. The CD ends with a very nice cleaned up recording of “The Very Thought Of You” performed by Billie Holiday an appropriate ending to a fine soundtrack.


The sound quality is quite good especially considering the newer material. I would guess this was a digital recording consider the year 1992. Current owners of the CD will certainly welcome the additional material offered. Any Goldsmith collector will want to have this in their collection.


1… Love Theme from Forever Young (4:02) is track #23

2… Test Flight (3:41) is track #27

3… The Experiment (3:17) is track #4

4… The House (3:04) is track #16

5… Kitchen Aid (2:41) is track #28

6… The Dinner is track #13

7… The Air Show (2:29) is track #29

8… She’s Alive (3:28) is track #20

9… Let’s Go (3:01) is track #30

10… Reunited is track #31

11… The Very Thought of You (2:44) is track 32



Track listing


Test Flight * (03:42)


Will You Marry Me? / Never Leave Me * (01:10)


Hit And Run / Breaking Down The Door * (Partially Unused Version) (02:52)


The Experiment (03:17)


The Warehouse * (00:48)


The Deep Freeze * (02:05)


Thawed Out * (02:34)


The Lighthouse * (Unused Version) (00:40)


Time To Leave * (00:24)


The Wrong Man * (00:18)


The Air Show * (01:18)


Kitchen Aid * (Partially Unused Version) (02:10)


The Diner (02:00)


I Was Wrong * (Unused Version) (01:45)


The Jacket * (Partially Unused Version) (01:31)


The Tree House (03:07)


Good News * (00:52)


Getting Away * (01:20)


Best Friends * (01:54)


She’s Alive (Extended Version) (03:44)


Nat’s Missing * (00:26)


Reunited * (07:45)


Love Theme From “Forever Young” (04:06)


Will You Marry Me? * (Alternate Version) (00:35)


Time To Leave * (Alternate Version) (00:25)


The Jacket * (Alternate Version) (01:27)


Test Flight (Album Version) (03:41)


Kitchen Aid (Album Version) (02:42)


The Air Show (Album Version) (02:30)


Let’s Go (Album Version) (03:02)


Reunited (Album Version) (07:43)


The Very Thought Of You (02:44)
performed by Billie Holiday
* = previously unreleased

Total Duration: 01:14:37




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