Romance of the Silver Screen/Compilation of Composers

September 17, 2011

The Romance of the Silver Screen, a two CD set from Naxos offers a great compilation from their library of film music. The thirty one tracks offer two hours and twenty minutes of material that many of you haven’t heard before and is really a great introduction to the golden age of film music. How many of you have listened to The Net, composed by Benjamin Frankel. How about Belle from Devreese or Les Miserable from Honegger or The Mysterious Stranger from William Perry? These along with favorites such as “Gone With The Wind,” The Adventures of Robin Hood” “Sea Hawk,” “Spellbound,” “Warsaw Concerto,” and more are included in this set. Featured Hollywood composers Max Steiner and Erich Wolfgang Korngold, composers for Warner Bros., offer ten tracks of some of their best music. Also included in the set are works from classical composers Malcolm Arnold, William Walton, Dmitry Shostakovich, Arthur Bliss, and Arthur Honegger. This was an era especially the 30’s and 40’s when film music ran parallel with the 19th century romantic classical music. Full size symphony orchestras were often used and the main and end titles were often lush and romantic with melodies you remembered when you left the theater. The following link will allow you to join classics online. It’s free and you can purchase 101 tracks for $9.99.


“The Adventures of Robin Hood Love Theme,” a score that honored Korngold with an Oscar is as romantic a love theme as you’ll ever hear. The six minute track is allowed ample time to become fully developed. You could easily classify this as an andante movement in a symphony. If you’re interested in exploring Robin Hood further it is available on Marco Polo #8.225268. The complete score is over 78 minutes and is performed by the Moscow Symphony conducted by William Stromberg. The arrangement is not evasive and is really perfect in every way. Devotion, Deception, and Sea Hawk are also included from Korngold. These scores are also available from Naxos on #8.225038 (Devotion) and #8.570110-11 (Sea Hawk and Deception).


A Stolen Life by Max Steiner typifies the beauty and romance from the golden pen that did scores as quickly as Mozart wrote which was a lot of notes. The love theme “Twins” is soft with that Steiner sound from the strings. Also included on this set are three selections from All This, and Heaven Too. If you want more material it is available on Naxos #8.570184.

Two selections from Gadfly, “Romance” and “Nocturne” are included in the set and on first listen it doesn’t sound like the somewhat harsh sound from Shostakovich. These tracks offer a romantic violin backed by delicacy from the strings. The complete suite along with the Five Days-Five Nights is available on Naxos #8.553299.


If you enjoy the piano this set offers the “Warsaw,” “Spellbound,” “Legend of Glass Mountain,” “Cornish,” and “While I Live” mini concertos from the films. More is available on the Naxos release #8.554323.


Many of you have never heard William Perry before but he wrote music for six Mark Twain films. Mysterious Stranger is a fine offering featuring the Vienna Boys Choir. More Twain material is available on the Naxos release #8.570200.


Enter the golden age of film music by giving this set a try. You won’t be disappointed.


Track Listing:


1… Devotion (5:49)

2… David Copperfield – Main Title (2:39)

3… David Copperfield – Resolution and Finale (3:04)

4… Spellbound Concerto (11:58)

5… The Adventures of Robin Hood – Love Theme (6:29)

6… Henry V – Interlude (1:30)

7… The Three Musketeers – Love Theme (4:11)

8… Cornish Rhapsody (6:03)

9… The Gadfly Suite – Nocturne (4:14)

10… Prince of Players – Idyll (3:56)

11… Another Dawn – Evening Scene (2:31)

12… The Net – Love Theme (3:08)

13… Scaramouche – Pavanne (2:23)

14… All This, And Heaven Too – Mysteries of Life (3:38)

15… All This, And Heaven Too – Reunion and Understanding… (7:19)

16… All This, And Heaven Too – Finale (2:25)

Total Time is 71:21



1… Deception (3:37)

2… Warsaw Concerto (9:06)

3… The Sea Hawk – Rose Garden (4:38)

4… The Gadfly – Romance (5:54)

5… Belle – Prelude (4:39)

6… Belle – Fagnes du Nord (4:31)

7… Les Miserables – Mort de Jean Valjean (2:50)

8… The Legend of Glass Mountain (3:58)

9… A Stolen Life – Twins (6:46)

10… Gone With The Wind – Tara’s Theme (3:57)

11… Seven Cities of Gold – Jose and Ula (3:06)

12… The Rains of Ranchipur – End Title: Goodbye Edwina (3:51)

13… Things to Come – Epilogue (2:58)

14… While I Live – The Dream of Olwen (4:59)

15… The Mysterious Stranger – Closing Music (5:20)

Total Time 70:10

Total Playing Time is 2 hours and 21 minutes.




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