Divorce Italian Style/Carlo Rustichelli

September 16, 2011


Recently, Kritzerland released Divorce American Style (1967),https://sdtom.wordpress.com/2011/08/05/divorce-american-style-1967-the-art-of-love-1965/a big band great score from Dave Grusin. The two scores couldn’t be any different. Grusin and Rustichelli are as different as Mahler and Mozart! Both are good at writing excellent material, they just go about it differently. The silly story is hilarious as Marcello Mastroianni stars in this tale of wanting a divorce which is forbidden in Italy so murder is the solution to his problem. Detailed information is provided in the liner notes.

“Song of Love” is a vocal, very romantic, very Italian, and it is arranged in a string only small chamber size orchestra. It is exactly what you expect to hear from a film like this. This love melody is important to the film and is used on several of the tracks. “Traffic” again uses the chamber orchestra in this short melody but is another important melody of the score. This is excellent underscore that gives us a happy upbeat mood. “Funeral March” is not what I think of when funeral march comes to mind. It begins with the very romantic love theme and then abruptly shifts gears to loud brass chords from a military type band complete with a tuba. It sounds like a Salvation Army type group. “Lawyer’s Prayer” is a new theme with tremolo from the strings before it turns itself into the love theme again. “Trattoria” is a new theme with a tremolo melody backed by a guitar for harmony. “In Love” is also somewhat of a variation of the traffic melody. This is another string only track. “Murder of Wife and Love” is the funeral theme with the variation of some quivering strings. Part two of the track is another version of the love melody. “Music of Love” is a very sweet version of the love theme. It switches to a variation of the traffic melody. “Divorce” begins with a harp like introduction and then switches to the love melody and ends with a variation of the funeral theme. “Furtively” begins with a minor statement from the strings and then performs the traffic theme. This is an extended version with a lot more development. “Trial” is a yearning melodramatic new theme before we get another dose of the love theme. “Deceit and Gossip” is a mysterious new underscore that is allowed development before the funeral march appears briefly. There are two new themes somewhat brief which ends this track. “Fete” begins with love theme and shifts gears to a dramatic tense moment before it ends on a yearning note. “Serenade” is an extended vocal version of the love theme. “Bonus Suite of Additional and Alternate Cues” is an 11+ minute series of cues that could be called a compilation of the various themes that the soundtrack has to offer.

This is a well mastered mono recording of the material. The sound is crisp with good bass when the music calls for it. It is a limited edition of a 1000 units so it is better to act sooner rather than later.

Kritzerland CD# is 20019-3

Track Listing:

1… Song of Love (vocal) (2:08)

2… Traffic (1:07)

3… Funeral March (3:31)

4… Lawyer’s Prayer (2:27)

5… Trattoria (1:21)

6… In Love (1:08)

7… Murder of Wife and Love (1:20)

8… Music of Love (1:56)

9… Divorce (1:23)

10… Furtively (3:36)

11… Trial (2:33)

12… Deceit and Gossip (4:23)

13… Fete (2:16)

14… Serenade (vocal) (2:50)

15… Bonus Suite of Additional and Alternate Cues (11:05)

Total Time is 43:48


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