The Invisible Man’s Revenge (1944)

September 8, 2011

This final episode has nothing to do with the previous films except the name Griffin (Jon Hall) is retained. While on a diamond expedition in Africa the Herrick’s (Sondergaard and Matthews) double cross him, leave him for dead, and steal his part of the fortune. He returns to the shock of everyone and discovers an invisible serum from a mad scientist Doctor Drury (John Carradine). Griffin does become invisible and seeks revenge on the Herrick’s. Julie Herreck played by Evelyn Ankers is part of the triangle along with Mark Foster (Alan Curtis) and Robert Griffin. To become visible again he drains the blood of Drury which kills him. In the process he sets the lab on fire. Brutus, the dog of Drury, is the one who eventually kills Griffin and ends the story. Produced and directed by Ford ‘Serial’ Beebe this film has its share of special effects somewhat laughable by animation of today. The film retained using its level of comedy especially when it came to the character Herbert (Leon Errol). Not a lot to recommend in this one. (*1/2). This was a Universal release (#10009).


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