A Lonely Place to Die/Plowman

September 6, 2011

A new release from MSM. I’m so glad that there is a place for the music from these small independent movies.

The winner of the awards for Best Film and Best Director at ActionFest, a ”must-see” according to Fangoria and ”one of the best action thrillers I’ve seen in recent years” in the words ofAin’t It Cool NewsA Lonely Place to Die premieres in UK cinemas on September 6 with international distribution to follow.

The soundtrack album from MovieScore Media is the label’s second with up and coming composer Michael Richard Plowman, whose “compelling, rousing score” for Age of Heroes delivered an “evocative and stirring amount of melody and passion” according to the Boston Examiner. The orchestral score for A Lonely Place to Die features a lot of exciting action tracks, tense suspense and also a lot of beautiful melodic writing.

Said Plowman, “I wanted a large percussive palette, and then which I know was the right call was to have almost classical lyrical score peppered throughout the film. We wanted a small amount of Celtic in the score, but not enough to attract attention to itself. The almost lyrical classical score was an added touch that took it away form being generic.”

MMS11015 A LONELY PLACE TO DIE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date: September 6, 2011 (online) / September 13 (CD)

CD can be ordered through SAE or download from itunes.

One Response to “A Lonely Place to Die/Plowman”

  1. Alan Rogers Says:

    Thanks for bringing this release to my attention. I have listened to some clips and I am currently downloading it from iTunes. I love the artwork on the cover for this.

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