The Invisible Man Returns/Salter and Skinner

September 3, 2011

Geoffrey Radcliffe, played by a very young Vincent Price, is owner of a coal mine and is tried and convicted of murdering his brother. His good friend Dr. Griffin (John Sutton), brother of the invisible man, injects the serum to make him invisible and allow him to escape avoiding the noose and catch his killer before he goes mad from the drug. Richard Cobb (Cedric Hardwicke), now is head of the coal mine, thought he had both out of the way, but this escape disturbs his plans. On the surface he appears to be friendly and helpful especially to Geoffrey’s fiancée Helen Mason (Nan Grey). At the end it is revealed he is indeed the killer and confesses right before he dies. Geoffrey having been shot has lost a lot of blood and the transfusion not only saves his life but he becomes visible again. It is only in the last three minutes of the film that you actually see Vincent Price. The rest of the time he is of course invisible and has a mummy face with glasses. Joe May directed the picture for Universal (#5921) and the cast also included Mary Gordon and Harry Cording from the Sherlock Holmes pictures. Cecil Kellaway played Sampson of Scotland Yard and it was different to see him in a straight role as he was normally into comedy. Screenplay was divided between Joe May and Curt Siodmak. While build as a horror film it is really more of a drama.


The “Main Title” begins with a fanfare followed by swirling strings and percussion gives us the theme we’ll hear again and again. It is somewhat sad but the brass makes it a little brighter. At the end of the track it turns into an air of mystery with the underscore being offered by the woodwinds. There is no pause as the orchestra goes right into “Two Hours to Live,” an underscore track somewhat creepy. The beginning of this was used in a number of different films. It was written for the last hours of Geoffrey. “Together” is a marvelous love melody that is really a surprise considering the film title. It could have easily come from any number of other Universal pictures. Soft and delicate the tempo is quite slow and Morgan in his reconstruction is allowed ample time to fully develop it. “Resting” is more of the together theme with a danger cue at the end. “The Ghost” is a mocking fun track underscoring a little bit of fun the invisible man had with one of the coal miners. “The Return” is a repeat of the main title, a much softer version with very little brass or fanfare. “End Title” begins with quiet underscore before we hear the main title theme again. It is followed by the together theme and concludes with the usual happy ending. I’ve included two audio links so you can hear the main title as well as the love theme. Just click on main title and resting to hear a sample.11 – Main Title Invisible Man Returns   14 – Resting

Since this CD is part of the 6 CD Monster Music set it might be an excellent way to get this fine CD as well as five others


Track Listing:

1… Main Title (2:12)                                                                                                     

2… Two Hours to Live (2:58)

3…Together (4:14)

4… Resting (3:27)

5… The Ghost (2:09)

6… The Return (3:36)

7… End Title (3:04)

Total Time is 21:54

Naxos CD# is 8.557705

William Stromberg conducts the Moscow Symphony Orchestra

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