The Beatles For Orchestra/Carl Davis

August 30, 2011

The latest offering from Carl Davis is nearly seventy minutes of Beatle material. It is arranged somewhat differently than what the Boston Pops or live concerts I’ve heard of their material in the past. Davis had an interesting experience with his first contact listening to their music. It seems he heard A Hard Day’s Night while taking a bath and began swishing around to the beat and fell in love with them. Fast forwarding he was approached by the head of programming for the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Carl obliged with this new offering on this his twelfth release on his own label. Arrangements are by Chris Egan, who also produced the CD, Andy Winter, Richard Sidewell, Roy Moore, and Mike Townend. Davis has been releasing all sorts of good material lately ranging from silent movie material, television, ballet, a score from his daughter, a Christmas album, and of course movie material.


She Loves You offers some nice trombone work with an emphasis on strong percussion on this track. Here Comes the Sun/Something is a bit on the light airy side until the guitar plays a solo on the latter part of the track. It has a bit of twang to it which I feel adds to the track. And I Love Her is pretty standard as and arrangement goes but I liked the South American rhythm. Can’t Buy Me Love has great trombone work and good percussion. A nice upbeat version with guitar offering a nice solo. Eleanor Rigby is orchestrated with an antique sound to it. Hey Jude offers a cello solo and oboe backed by harmony from the piano. It is a soft and delicate track. As the arrangement continues the orchestra joins with the brass offering harmony. The Long and Winding Road features an attractive trumpet solo backed by strings. Twist and Shout features the excellent trombone section making this a lively entry. Yellow Submarine is very unique in its March style, reminding me of my band days. Yesterday begins with oboe and then a cello offers a romantic solo, very heartfelt and reminding me of my teenage years. Let it Be begins with piano followed by a clarinet which offers the theme. Lively is Ob-La-Di- Ob-La-Da with a steady beat from the drums. The trumpets give it a Spanish flavor. Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane offers some nice work from the trumpet section with some double tonguing technique. Blackbird features guitars and woodwinds in a softer delicate arrangement. Norwegian Wood is a straight arrangement that enhances the tune. A Hard Day’s Night features the trombone section offering the melody with a little slide action. Help shifts gears with the entire orchestra participating. The Fool on the Hill gives us a beautiful oboe, flute, and muted trumpet in a soft rendition. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band if full of vigor and uses a long introduction. With A Little Help From My Friends offers clarinet and flute before sweet strings takeover. Part way through the music turns distorted and somewhat dissonant which is the way the track ends.


The orchestra seemed to be having a good time playing which certainly enhances the recording. When you’re looking for something to hum to that is a little laid back and requires little or no thought this is certainly a nice way to spend an hour. The twenty four selections will pass rather quickly. I’m glad that they recorded it. Recommended.


Track Listing:

1… She Loves You (2:22)

2… Here Comes the Sun/Something (4:27)

3… And I Love Her (2:53)

4… Can’t Buy Me Love (2:15)

5… Eleanor Rigby (2:24)

6… Hey Jude (5:02)

7… The Long and Winding Road (3:36)

8… Twist and Shout (2:38)

9… Yellow Submarine (2:50)

10… All You Need Is Love (3:39)

11… Yesterday (3:21)

12… Let It Be (4:04)

13… Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da (3:18)

14… Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane (4:23)

15… Blackbird (2:33)

16… Norwegian Wood (2:38)

17… A Hard Day’s Night/Help (3:31)

18… The Fool On The Hill (2:54)

19… Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band/With A Little Help From My Friends (4:24)

20… A Day In The Life (5:35)

Total Time is 69:30

Carl Davis conducts the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

CD# is CDC012



2 Responses to “The Beatles For Orchestra/Carl Davis”

  1. Alan Rogers Says:

    A great many classic Beatles songs on this. On the one hand it would be interesting to hear how it sounds. But, on the other hand, I don’t want my experience of some my favourite Beatles songs “tainted.”

    I had not realised that this CD was around. Thanks for highlighting it Tom.

  2. Valerio Greco Says:

    Wonderful!!!! PERFECT CD: Thank you Carl!

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