Sci Fi’s Finest Volume 1/Compilation of Composers

August 30, 2011

BuySoundtrax records has announced a 36 track collection of some of the more popular science fiction themes of all time. There will be a physical CD as well as a digital download released on Tuesday September 13th. This is not a symphonic symphony orchestra release but a synthesized collection. Sprinkled in are a couple of very nice piano solos along with 3 vocals.

Having had the opportunity to listen to the download I can tell you I was quite taken with Capricia a solo piano work performed by Mark Northam. I’m fond of classical material and this would nicely fit in on a CD for solo piano. It has a beautiful theme, well developed, and nicely recorded. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is also nicely done performed by the composer Dennis McCarthy on the piano. These are interesting departures from the norm in listening to this material. Other favorites include The Thing, Tron, The New Outer Limits, and Dune. Several of the tracks are under a minute and a few more in the one minute range but also mixed in are several that are longer than 4 minutes and are given ample opportunity to be properly developed.

This collection is going to appeal to the person who enjoys a wide variety of listening material on a compilation album or serve as a basic introduction to science fiction material. It peaked my interest enough to seek out additional Caprica material after hearing the offering.

The material will be available at

Track Listing:

1… Rocky Horror Picture Show (4:27)

2… Battle: Los Angeles (2:29)

3… The Thing (3:02)

4… Devil Girl From Mars (4:34)

5… The Illustrated Man (3:07)

6… Avatar (3:45)

7… The Adventures of Buckaroo Banza (3:16)

8… The Terminator (2:49)

9… Dune (1:24)

10… Communion (5:25)

11… Tron (5:00)

12… Capricia (4:00)

13… Eureka (:50)

14… Fringe 85 (:23)

15… Fringe (:32)

16… Futurama (:27)

17… Robotech (1:32)

18…  Star Wars: The Clone Wars (:45)

19… Stargate SG-1 (1:00)

20… Stargate Atlantis (1:03)

21… Stargate Universe (1:03)

22… The New Outer Limits (1:01)

23… The Twilight Zone (:43)

24…The Starlost (1:13)

25… Man From Atlantis (2:32)

26… Knight Rider (1:17)

27… Thunderbirds (:57)

28… UFO (1:10)

29… Red Dwarf (1:18)

30… Doctor Who (1:01)

31… Torchwood (1:40)

32… Primeval (:33)

33… Star Trek: The Animated Series (:59)

34… Star Trek: Generations (3:23)

35… Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (5:09)

36… Star Trek Enterprise (4:02)

Total Time is 70:40


One Response to “Sci Fi’s Finest Volume 1/Compilation of Composers”

  1. Alan Rogers Says:

    A nice selection of tracks for the general listener to sample from. Though I am disappointed that there is no music from the Buster Crabbe “Flash Gordon” serial as suggested by the artwork!

    Tom, do you know off-hand if original music was composed for these early shows?

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