The Case of the Lonely Heiress

August 20, 2011

The Case of the Lonely Heiress was originally published as a novel in 1948 while the television episode aired in February of 1958 and was quite a bit different from the book so you could put this in the category of loosely based. Robert Harris, who starred in How To Make A Monster, was the publisher of a magazine called “Lonely Hearts Calling” and as Edmund Lacey accepts an ad from Marilyn Clark (Kathleen Crowley) who is trying to trap a con artist Charles Barnaby (LQ Jones) who fleeced her sister out of a lot of money and later died. Delores Coterro (Anne Navarro) is Barnaby’s partner and her job is to act jealous throw things and in the scuffle hits Charles on the side of the head with her purse knocking him out and appears to have killed him. It turns out he was poisoned and Marilyn is arrested for the murder. If you’ve read the book you’ll find it much better than the adapted screenplay. All of the original cast Della, Paul, Tragg, and Burger appear in the episode. While Robert Harris is excellent overall this was just an average entry in the series. Read the book as its a good one. This was episode #20 in the series.

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