The Case of the Treacherous Toupee

August 16, 2011

The Case of the Treacherous Toupee involves a takeover of a tool and die company. The owner, Hartley Basset, played by Thomas Henry returns from an unexplained two year absence to find his wife Sybil Basset played by Peggy Converse about to sell their share in the company. Creating a reign of terror upon his return he promptly begins firing people one of them his second in command Peter Dawson played by Philip Ober and ends up being murdered and as a result Dawson is arrested for the murder. The name of the episode has to do with the fact that Dawson wore a toupee and part of it was in the hands of the dead Hartley. The stepson Dick Hart was played a young Robert Redford, Ken Wood the plant manager played by Bert Freed, his wife, and the accountant Arthur Colemar played by Nelson Olmsted are all suspects. Teddy Hart, a key witness played by Cindy Robbins disappears and can’t be found. When she can’t be located Mason hires a look alike and sets a trap to catch the killer. An exciting ending makes this an above average entry that included the regular cast of Street, Drake, Tragg, and Burger. It was interesting to see Redford but frankly his acting was below average and detracted from the episode. This was first aired in September of 1960 and to the best of my knowledge didn’t come from a novel. This was episode #96 and was part of Season #4.


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