Hammer Legacy Science Fiction Collection

July 28, 2011


 Silva SILED 4552 is now available for digital download from iTunes, Amazon, and Napster among others; there will be no PHYSICAL CD’S. For reference the Quatermass Xperiment is also known as The Creeping Unknown. Quatermass 2 is Enemy From Space and Quatermass and the Pit is also called 5 Million Years to Earth. All of the material has been released previously on Silva FILMCD 174, Silva SSD 1059, and all of it appears on Film Music Quatermass Collection on GDI Records #GDICD 008 as well as others compilations I’ve missed. The GDI CD offers a significant amount of additional material from three Quatermass films, with the fourth being Moon Zero Two previously released on GDICD #002.

From the very first notes that James Bernard wrote for Hammer his sound became a part of so many films and The Creeping Unknown (1955) fits perfectly. The only objection I have is that there is not nearly enough of it (not that much was written) and the quality of the sound which is less than. The tremolo from the strings with able backing from the percussion sets the mood for the film. Enemy From Space (1957) has more of a sound like his classic Horror of Dracula score offering a lot more tension and anticipation of what is to come for the viewing audience. Again, there is not enough and the quality leaves much to be desired. 5 Million Years to Earth is an entirely different style of score having been composed by Tristram Cary. It definitely has a far more modern sound; twelve tone in style. The “Open Titles” offer dissonant brass before giving way to creepy strings written Rite of Spring/Stravinsky like. It has a very modern sound and is one that will require more than one listen to absorb. “Scream in the Hull” is another cue lacking any sort of theme but offers tension with tremolo strings and synchronized percussion. “Bulkhead Disintegration,” “Hobb Disturbance,” Panic in Underground,” and “Crane Explosion offer more of the modern sound of dissonant rhythmic material. “Finale and End Credits (Unused) offer a very German classical offering; modern sounding but melodic to a degree. The used end credits from Dennis Farnon are a depressing cue called “Deserted Harbour.” The release concludes with an electronic track and an out of place pop track from Moon Zero Two sung by Julie Driscoll that belongs on a top 40 CD. Worth having.

Track Listing:

1…. The Quatermass Xperiment (1955) – Opening (1:12)

2…. Quatermass 2 (1957) – Opening Titles/Things in the Domes/End Credits (2:13)

3…. Quatermass and the Pit (1967) – Opening Titles (2:35)

4…. Quatermass and the Pit – Scream in the Hull (2:10)

5…. Quatermass and the Pit – Bulkhead Disintegration (1:10)

6…. Quatermass and the Pit – Hobb Disturbance (2:26)

7…. Quatermass and the Pit – Panic in Underground (5:00)

8…. Quatermass and the Pit – Crane Explosion (6:49)

9…. Quatermass and the Pit – Finale and End Credits (unused) (1:40)

10…Quatermass and the Pit – Deserted Harbour (Dennis Faron) (1:32)

11…Quatermass and the Pit – Electronic Music (2:37)

12…Moon Zero Two (1969) – Opening Titles (Don Ellis) sung by Julie Driscoll (3:30)

Total Time is 32:54

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