The Pride and the Passion (1957)/Antheil

July 13, 2011

I don’t know which was better the movie or the behind the scenes soap opera that included Sinatra, Loren, and Grant! Bruce Kimmel gives you all the details in his liner notes along with good informative analysis of the movie including background information about George ‘Mr. Bad’ Antheil. George in addition to this soundtrack did a handful of worthy films that are also worth exploring. If you’re not familiar with George don’t worry. This is not some way out dissonant score. George plays it close to the vest and gives you exactly what you expect to hear, a Spanish flavor romantic soundtrack with bolero, guitar, and brass. It is a very solid score that will grab your ears and you’ll want to return for further listens. This release is coupled with Elmer Bernstein’s King’s Go Forth

The “Main Theme” is a proud majestic theme with national Spanish flavor. It sets the locale and what you want to hear as the story unfolds. “British Captain” offers British anthem material intertwined with a bit of Spanish flavor. “Windmill Camp at Night” is a mysterious theme offered from the woodwinds and guitar with bolero tempo and constant string plucking. “The Knife Fight” is a somewhat dissonant cue with brass fanfares and strong percussion in a well done track. “Juana’s Love Theme” is a pretty melody filled with strains of Spain complete with the yearning strings. One could think of Ravel perhaps? “The Pride and the Passion-Bolero” is a good bolero with a hint of Ravel but a lot more subdued. This is an excellent track and shows George’s musical training. “Miguel’s Theme” will reveal music that could be played on a quiet Spanish evening. “The Procession” and “Fulfillment and End Title” are religious wordless choral tracks which lead to a powerful uplifting conclusion.

The release is mastered in good mono quality and is a limited edition of only 1000 units so you should act sooner rather than later. Recommended.


Kritzerland KR 20019-2

Track Listing:

1…. Main Title (2:28)

2…. British Captain (2:28)

3…. Windmill Camp at Night (2:20)

4…. The Knife Fight (2:40)

5…. Juana’s Love Theme (4:02)

6…. Rescue of the Gun (4:04)

7…. Juana’s Choice (3:48)

8…. The Pride and the Passion-Bolero (5:57)

9…. Miguel’s Theme (2:42)

10…The Procession (3:52)

11…Fulfillment and End Title (2:25)

Total Time is 36:18

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