Indestructible Man (1956)

July 13, 2011


CGK Productions, their only release to my knowledge, offers this low budget horror film with Lon Chaney Jr. in the title role of Charles “Butcher” Benton who is executed for a crime involving $600,000 and murder. Through a scientific experiment he is brought back to life being immune to bullets and has the strength of 10 men. Co-starring Ross Elliott as Paul Lowe, Max Showalter as Dick Chasen and Marion Carr as Eva Martin, Benton is out to kill the members of the gang who double crossed him and recover his loot. Being mute from the experiment he pretty much spends his time being a sociopathic killer. The film features many close-ups of his eyes which show his anger. The ending is obvious. He dies from an electrical shock he received from a huge power plant. The cop gets the burlesque star. Not a very good film although it has its moments. It is available at a low cost from Alpha Video (ALP 4037D) and free viewing on the Internet Archive. The quality of the picture and sound is decent. It does contain a good score from Albert Glasser. (*1/2)



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