Mr. District Attorney (1947)

July 12, 2011


A Columbia picture directed by Robert Sinclair is based on an idea from the Phillips Lord radio program and if you purchase the Kit Parker Forgotten Noir Vol. 8 (KPF 588) a radio program is included along with Hi-Jacked and Ringside. The film opens with a murder, revenge being the motive. The newspaper prints the wrong picture of the dead woman bringing our black widow into the film and a nasty one she is, well played by Marguerite Chapman. The D.A. is also well played by Adolphe Menjou who is a brash talking straight shooter, nothing gets passed him. Michael O’Shay adds a touch of humor and top billing is given to Dennis O’Keefe as Steve Bennett, the assistant D.A./lawyer who is the fall guy for Marsha, madly in love with her and not a brain in his head when it comes to women. Since the ending has some good twists I’ll say no more other than it held my attention for the 80 or so minutes. Gilbert provided a solid score that enhanced the film. This one is well worth your time. (***)




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