Bad Girls/Goldsmith

July 12, 2011

I can remember being intrigued when this film first hit the movie screen and seeing the trailer. What immediately grabbed my attention was the soundtrack from Jerry Goldsmith so 20th Century Fox got my money. My first question was why all of the electronics? Then I quickly discovered that none of this film made any sense to me at all. When I saw Madeleine Stowe about to be hung and looking like she came out of the beauty shop with perfect hair, earrings, and lipstick I became suspect. When I saw Drew Barrymore with two pistols looking like absolutely nothing out of the old west I became more than suspect. Fox had an idea to make a lot of money and that made sense to me. I accepted the score as being from any type of genre and just enjoyed the experience. This new release from La-La Land (LLLCD 1169), a limited release of 3000 units, includes an additional twenty minutes of material from the original Fox (72445-11084-2) release, all noted in the track listing.

The main theme, as previously stated, could have come from many kinds of film genre. It is introduced immediately in “The John” on an electronic keyboard with background being provided from guitar and strings. It isn’t the large bold Americana theme but a simple very delicate melody with simplicity being the key. It appears in most of the tracks in different orchestrations, styles, and tempos. After the introduction of another theme in “The Hanging” the main theme appears as an Americana version big and bold like Moross in his Big Country” classic. At the end of the track it shifts gear and is offering as a sad mournful version played by the oboe. In fact the melody appears in the first seven tracks in one form or another. It also appears as a funeral version of the theme in “Josh’s Death” with key percussion added to it. “My Land/End Credits” gives you a choice of three different versions of the main theme: lush and romantic, full on western, and a lullaby. “Bank Job” sounds like a western track complete with a Spanish flavor supplied by the guitar. “The Gang/The Posse” is a straight underscore track with pounding percussion.

If you’re a fan of Jerry Goldsmith and don’t yet have this score you’ll be amiss if you don’t add this to your collection. The hour of listening will pass by quickly and you’ll want to listen again. If you’re not a fan one might find it repetitious as you’ll hear a lot of the theme. Since I’m an admirer of Jerry I found it to be a very pleasant listening experience.  The mastering is a good clean one with excellent bass and crisp treble. Jeff “Mr. Liner Notes” Bond provides all of the good useful information you want including the behind the scenes as well as a track by track analysis. I’m including a clip of the main theme to give you a listen to what the it sounds like. Click here Bad Girls Main Title

Track listing


The John (02:19)


The Hanging (02:06)


Which Way?* (00:42)


The Snake (01:20)


The Saw Mill * (01:56)


Keep Moving * (00:57)


Bank Job ** (05:16)


The Gang / The Posse * (00:56)


Return To The Fold * (04:06)


Don’t Hurt Me * (01:45)


Jail Break (03:27)


No Money (02:09)


The Guests * (00:36)


Welcome To My Home * (01:20)


The Pleasure Of Your Company * (00:48)


Ambush (05:45)


What’s Your Name? * (01:18)


The Claim * (00:25)


Together * (00:39)


I Shot Him ** (02:46)


Put It On * (01:32)


River Crossing * (00:34)


Rescued * (03:03)


Josh’s Death (03:41)


No Bullets (03:53)


My Land / End Credits (06:53)
* = previously unreleased
** = contains previously unreleased music

Total Duration: 01:00:12



One Response to “Bad Girls/Goldsmith”

  1. Alan Rogers Says:

    There are some tracks on this score that are amongst my favourite Goldsmith tracks. But I rarely hunt out the CD to listen to the while score. Maybe this expansion is not for me?

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