Ringside (1949)

July 9, 2011


Only Lippert Productions could come up with a concert pianist who is also a sparring partner for his brother who is fighting for the middleweight championship. As the story evolves his brother is blinded in the fight and his brother decides to seek revenge by going into the fight game, getting a match with the champion so he can give him a taste of what he did to his brother. His once easy going manner has turned to bitterness and hatred. Add to this mess a love triangle, a nurse, an eccentric professor of music and his wife and you have the plot. The ring action, and there is a fair amount of it, was poorly staged and took away from the film. This soap opera should have used something other than the boxing world and it might have had a chance. As it stands it is one you want to pass on. It is available as part of a Kit Parker (KPF 588) collection at a very low cost if you must watch it. (*)




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