Hi-Jacked (1950)

July 8, 2011


This Lippert production directed by Sam Newfield stars Jim Davis as Joe Harper an ex con whose truck is hi-jacked when he stops on a rainy night to offer a helping hand. When it happens to him a second time because of drugged coffee and he is fired from his job he decides to investigate on his own discovering a crime organization with the owner of the trucking company he worked for in on the deal. When is framed with a mink coat from one of the robberies and his wife played by Marcia Jones is arrested he saves his wife, reputation, and they live happily ever after. Co-starring Sid Melton who you’ll recognize from early television and David Bruce this drama misses the mark by a little. The comedy from Melton is at times abrasive, Jones adds nothing to the picture, and holes in the plot all take away from the picture. I liked the waitress played by Iris Adrian and her clever names she called out for orders as well as David Bruce. The score from Paul Dunlap was a positive thing that added to the film. This film is available as part of a Kit Parker (KPF 588) collection at a reasonable price. The film quality is average. Worth a watch as long as you don’t have high expectations. (**1/2)




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