Dangerous Passage (1944)

July 5, 2011


A Pine-Thomas production directed by veteran William Berke, it stars Robert Lowery and Phyllis Brooks in a mystery drama that takes place aboard a broken down cargo ship. Joe Beck (Lowery) opens the film in a foggy creepy waterfront scene where he has just been robbed and knocked out. We learn that he needs to go to Galveston to claim a $200,000 inheritance sooner rather than later, takes the cargo ship only to discover that he is mistaken for someone else and the captain has plans to sink the ship for insurance money. Of course he meets a romantic interest Nita Paxton (Brooks) who turns out to be an insurance fraud investigator. The boat does crash on the rocks leaving them stranded until help finally arrives and the mystery is solved. This is a decent effort that falls short of the mark, much of which has to do with the low budget. This film is available at a low cost from Alpha Video (ALP 4946D) as well as free viewing on the Internet Archive. (**1/2) http://www.archive.org/details/dangerous_passage



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