Lady in the Death House (1944)

July 4, 2011


Lionel Atwill, Jean Parker, and Douglas Fowley star in this PRC production directed by Steve Sekely. The offer of marriage from Dr. Bradford (Fowley) to Mary Logan (Parker) is refused even though there is love between the two. It seems that Bradford has a part time job as the executioner for the state, something Mary can’t get passed. As the story unfolds blackmail and murder quickly follow. It is told through the eyes of criminologist Finch (Atwill) through the reading of the death row letter and flashbacks. The ironic twist is that Bradford is to execute Mary! The tension and suspense hold up well right to the end of the film. We know the outcome or do we? This is a well done thriller with top marks going to Atwill for his performance as well as Parker and Fowley. The film is available for viewing on the Internet Archive




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