Waterfront (1944)

July 3, 2011


J. Carrol Naish, John Carradine, and Maris Wrixon star in the P.R.C. production directed by Steve Sekely. The eerie, creepy, foggy film opens in a San Francisco waterfront with a seemingly innocent optometrist being robbed but denies he was to the police. We learn later that Dr. Decker (Naish) and Victor Marlow (Carradine) are really German spies and what was stolen was a very important German code book that Marlow is willing to kill for to get it back. The creepy Marlow kills three people and reigns terror in a boarding house he is staying in. His drawing, a nervous habit, reveals his identity and he is captured in a shootout at the end of the film. What started out as something really good slipped into the ordinary category by the end of the picture. The picture quality is below average, the audio noisy, and the film score nothing to write home about. This was one is available for sale from Alpha Video (ALP 4297D) or you can watch on the Internet Archive. http://www.archive.org/details/waterfront  (**1/2)




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