Tormented (1960)

July 1, 2011

Bert Gordon produced, directed, and came up with the story idea for this psychological thriller starring Richard Carlson as a jazz pianist who is haunted by his ex jilted lover who fell to her death off an abandoned lighthouse. Could he have prevented the fall and saved her is the question? Is his guilty conscious the cause for the ghostly visions and supernatural happenings? Blackmail follows which results in another murder. Insanity is a consequence and he too falls to his death in a tragic ending. This film is somewhat of a departure for Gordon who was best known for his spiders, ants, wasps, and special effects His Cheviot Production Company filmed on location in Malibu Ca. which was a plus. He did much better with those kind of films and overall this was a disappointment. The Albert Glasser score provided some nice piano and some good jazz along with a vocal. It is available for a low cost from Alpha Video (4304D) as well as on the internet archive.





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