Jungle Man(1941)

June 30, 2011

An expedition going to Africa in search of the city of the dead to do photography is the premise of this film. They make it sound like they’re going on an all day hike not to a remote part of the world. While in Africa they run across Dr. Hammond (Crabbe) who five years earlier had come to find a cure for a deadly disease malaka. This PRC film directed by Harry Fraser also stars Charles Middleton, Vince Barnett, and Sheila Darcy. Superstar ‘B’ movie legend Buster Crabbe couldn’t save this picture. Plot wise very little happened and too much of the film was devoted to the use of stock jungle footage which added to the film except filler material. As is usually the case Buster saves the day by diving for his needed medicine, saving the feminine interest from death, and they live happily ever after. Comedy is provided by Buck the guide (Barnett) as he is portrayed as a clueless individual. Rev. Jim (Middleton) has a pet tiger called Satan who also adds humor to the film. This film is available at a low cost from Alpha Video (ALP 4322D). The video quality is below average. This is one I can’t

recommend (*)




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