Blond Savage (1947)

June 29, 2011


Leif Erickson is given top billing in this Ensign Productions (only film they did) with Gale Sherwood picture directed by Steve Sekely, best known for The Day of the Triffids. Blake (Erickson) is hired along with his comedic sidekick and his plane to find a jungle tribe that is interfering with a diamond mind company. We soon find out that the tribe is headed up by a blond female. Blake learns that the person who hired him Harper (Dumbrille) had in fact killed her parents when she was an infant and wanted to kill her now for what she knew. Within the first few minutes of the film Blake is already involved with three different woman including Meelah (Sherwood) and Harper’s wife ( Veda Ann Borg). This film comes with some pretty corny dialogue such as I’m a good kisser because I played the trombone and I just gave you 32 bars of Sousa. Mixed in is a fair amount of some stock African footage. There is a scene with Mrs. Harper in the wilds of Africa with all the comforts of life, dressed in a formal evening gown? Of course Blake saves the day merries the blond bombshell and lives happily ever after. This film is like Swiss cheese. The film score is not any better missing the boat on a couple of occasions with the wrong kind of underscore material.  It is available at a low cost from Alpha Video (ALP 4346D) (*1/2)




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