Heartless/David Julyan

June 28, 2011

My first encounter with David Julyan was seeing the film Insomnia, starring Al Pacino, Hilary Swank, and Robin Williams and being impressed enough with the eerie score to go out and purchase it. The music fit the film like a glove enhancing the suspense and definitely adding to the film. Heartless doesn’t have the typical horror motifs our ears have grown accustomed to with slashing strings, blaring brass, and headache giving pounding percussion but an eight string ensemble plus the electronics in the background. It does have its loud moments and there is some of that pounding drumming but overall this is a softer score to listen to.


“Heartless: Main Titles” is an extremely somber funeral like theme that moves forward ever so slowly. The background electronics provide an element of time while the strings offer the melody/harmony. It is an eerie mood setting track. “Demons in the Dark” is underscore material also very slow moving with background electronics to enhance the track. “New Skin” offers piano with the strings providing harmony. “You’re Beautiful” returns to the main theme with upper register string playing providing a bit of romance. “Run, Jamie, Run” offers a bit of action with a pulsating background from the electronics. Pounding percussion almost jungle style with swirling synthesizer. “So Many Stars” is a return to the somber funeral like main theme with strings tugging at your emotions backed with a simple piano line. “Into the Dark” the concluding track is also quiet with just a hint of background from the electronics. If you’re a fan of David Julyan and enjoy his simple thematic material it is going to be a winner.


CD# is Screamworks SWR-11003 (a division of Movie Score Media)

It is available as a download from iTunes as well as a CD from SAE.

Track Listing:

1…. Heartless: Main Titles (3:02)

2….Demons in the Dark (3:09)

3….Journey to Cendrillon (3:04)

4…. Papa B. (4:53)

5….New Skin (1:37)

6…. Weapons Man (1:35)

7…. Magical Tree (2:39)

8…. It’s Ten O’Clock (3:26)

9…. You’re Beautiful (1:31)

10.. Papa B. Returns (4:35)

11.. Run, Jamie, Run (3:00)

12.. I’m Not Afraid (4:50)

13.. So Many Stars (3:07)

14.. Into the Dark (1:12)

Total Time is 42:40



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