The Death Kiss (1932)

June 27, 2011


Veteran Phil Rosen directed this K.B.S. production which reunited David Manners, Edward Van Sloan, and Bela Lugosi, from Dracula in this murder mystery which takes place on a movie set during the filming of a picture opening the door to a cast of suspects. Even though Lugosi is given top billing and the artwork looks like it’s a horror film Bela had no more than a supporting role as did Van Sloan. This was a David Manners film who portrayed a screenplay writer/detective for the studio. He knows a lot more than the police and of course solves the mystery and gets the girl. It is a good mystery which keeps you guessing until the end. Considering the age of the print it is in surprising good quality including the color effect they dabbled with in a couple of the scenes. This film is available for free viewing on the Internet Archive as well as from Alpha Video(4019D) at a low cost. This is one that I can recommend to any of you looking for a good murder mystery. (***)


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