Strangler of the Swamp (1946)

June 25, 2011

Former Miss America Rosemary LePlanche stars in this horror film about a killer loose in the swamps who seeks revenge on those who wrongfully accused and subsequently hung him for a crime he didn’t commit. Charles Middleton is the strangler of the swamp and a very young Blake Edwards plays the love interest. Even though the deaths look like they could be accidents all of the killings involve some sort of strangulation of one kind or another. Director Frank Wisbar received much acclaim as this PRC film turned out to be one of their more successful pictures. Tom Weaver devoted a chapter in his book “Poverty Row Horrors!” and wasn’t nearly as kind as critics and many viewers. I tend to agree with his assessment of the picture. I believed that this was some sort of a science fiction film based on the lobby artwork but there is nothing even close. The creepy foggy atmosphere did add to the scariness of the film and the good over evil concept was another plus but this certainly isn’t a cult film of any sort as it once was. It is available for free viewing on the internet as are most films in this book.   This is one film that isn’t available through Alpha Video. Because of the hype it has been given it is worth a watch but little else. (**).


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