Scared To Death (1947)

June 25, 2011

The story opens in the city morgue with a cadaver who tells how she ended up where she was a cement slab, through a series of flashbacks, poorly done as the talking from the corpse is usually limited to one sentence or even less. Starring George Zucco, Bela Lugosi, Molly Lamont, and midget Angelo Rossitto it was directed by veteran Christy Cabanne and was an early color film which added little to the picture. Secret doors, hypnotism, a man in a green mask, a dizzy maid, newspaper reporter and girl friend, a doctor, and a professor are all suspects in her death. What starts out as a mystery quickly turns into a comedy and as long as you’re not taken in by the artwork, which I was, it is an okay film. Lugosi and Zucco ham it up just like the rest of the cast and if you listen closely for the one liners many of them are humorous. This film is available for free viewing on the Internet Archive as well as being available for a low cost from Alpha Video (6235D)

As a comedy it is a decent film but if you’re thinking horror forget it. (**)





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