Pretty Maids all in a row/Schifrin

June 21, 2011

Schifrin composed the score to Pretty Maids all in a row during an especially busy time in his career. In addition to this film in 1971 he also did two Eastwood films, The Beguiled, and Dirty Harry, Hellstrom Chronicles, as well as television movies and the TV series Mission Impossible.

Much of what you’ll hear on the 46 minute Film Score Monthly release (FSM Vol. 14 No. 11) is source music that Lalo wrote for the film, in fact there is only about 15 minutes of underscore for the movie and then there are the Osmonds, new on the scene, and their “Chilly Winds” pop song that ended up going nowhere. This was the time frame where many films had a popular song written for them which would translate into dollars if it took off and made the charts. This one while pleasant enough just didn’t have the sparkle and snap that caught the ear of the general public. FSM presents the song four different times on the CD as well as instrumental underscore material. The two bonus tracks feature the Ron Hicklin Singers and if you thought like I did that there was something Partridge like about them you’re right as the group did do work for them.

“Campus Pop Source” is a jazz/easy listening cue with the Schifrin Latin sound featuring a Miles Davis trumpet sound solo as well as a tenor saxophone. “Tiger Source” is little more than an easy listening/elevator music cue. “Tiger Source Continued” is a lush romantic cue perfect for a candlelight dinner. This track is in the Hefti, Mandel, and Mancini style. “Check Your Queen” is a quiet intimate cue that features guitar and oboe. “Miss Smith’s Apartment (Source No. 2) reminded me of “Li’l Darlin” a Basie staple written by Hefti in a big band arrangement with its muted trumpet in an easy listening style. “Radio Source No. 1” is a jazz combo featuring the Schifrin sound on the piano with an extended improvisational cue. “Radio Source No. 2” features the piano in a spiritual sound with guitar and percussion in this funky blues number. “Miss Smith’s Apartment Source No. 1” is slow, easy, and romantic with its muted trombone solo; a two step dance big band arrangement all the way. “Ponce/Ponce” is instantly recognizable as Schifrin because it sounds like it could have come right out of the Mission Impossible library. The release has a nice clean sound on the re-master although the Osmond tracks, which were recorded in a different location, sounded mono to my ear. It is a limited edition of 1500 units and anyone who enjoys Schifrin should have it in their collection. It will be a welcome addition to any library if you’re a fan of big band and jazz.

Track listing


Chilly Winds (Main Title) (02:55)
Performed by The Osmonds


Ponce/Ponce (alternate)/Chilly Winds (02:00)


Campus Pop Source (02:36)


Jean/Chilly Winds/Chilly Winds (01:22)


Tiger Source (01:19)


Tiger Source—Continued (03:30)


Check Your Queen (01:29)


Yvonne/The Other Tiger/Lecture on Love (03:16)


Radio Source No. 1 (02:23)


Miss Smith’s Apartment (Source No. 1) (04:05)


Miss Smith’s Apartment (Source No. 2) (03:30)


Radio Source No. 2 (03:29)


Is He Gone?/So Long, Honey/Chilly Winds (02:12)


Tiger Fini/In Memoriam (03:24)


Chilly Winds (End Title) (03:15)
Performed by The Osmonds

Total Time: 41:18

Bonus Tracks


Chilly Winds (Main Title, alternate) (02:55)


Chilly Winds (End Title, alternate) (01:54)

Total Time: 4:51

Total Duration: 00:45:34



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