Arson Inc. (1949)

June 20, 2011

The Lippert Production film directed by William Berke stars Robert Lowery, Anne Gwynne, and Douglas Fowley in a film dealing with the arson division of the Los Angeles fire department. It is told in a somewhat narrative fashion and there is a lot of stock fire department footage mixed in with the story. A warehouse full of furs burns down under suspicious circumstances and Joe Martin (Lowrey) is called in to investigate. Jane Jennings (Gwynne), the love interest, tags along. Martin ends up going undercover to try and break up the ring. As he infiltrates the gang he is of course discovered in the set up with phony information. Jane is kidnapped but the plot is foiled and the bad guys all meet their demise. Love of course prevails in the happy ending. This is just an average action/drama that is way too predictable. This film is available to watch for free at the Internet Archives.

Hard to recommend (*1/2)

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