June 17, 2011

Naxos is offering a (6) CD set (8506026) of classic monster music on 6/20/11 from prior releases. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who missed purchasing these. These are not original soundtracks but new re-orchestrations/arrangements recorded using modern digital engineering techniques. The set is being offered by SAE for $39.95. Take advantage of this great price. 9/6/11.   This is not a limited edition release. The set includes the following previously released CD’s.

UPDATE: June 24, 2011
Received my Monster Box today from Naxos. Each of the (6) CD’s are individually wrapped in its own jewel box and are the Naxos release of the original Marco Polo material unless directly released on Naxos. The retail price is $49.95 but SAE is offering it at a 20% savings.

1…. Son of Kong/Most Dangerous Game Max Steiner (8.570183) Previously released on Marco Polo 8.225166

2…. House of Frankenstein Hans Salter (8.570188) Previously released on Marco Polo 8.223748

3…. King Kong Max Steiner (8.557700)

4…. Dracula Kilar (8.557703)

5…. Son of Frankenstein, Wolfman, Invisible Man Returns Salter and Skinner (8.557705)Previously released on Marco Polo 8.223747

6…. Curse of the Werewolf Frankel (8.557850)



  1. Alan Rogers Says:

    A good set to have. Already owning 5 out of the 6 CDs I don’t need this set. But I can vouch for their quality.

  2. […] Since this CD is part of the 6 CD Monster Music set it might be an excellent way to get this fine CD as well as five others […]

  3. […] Skinner had help with the orchestration from Salter and this work helped to launch the successful career of the dynamic duo. It was performed nicely by the Moscow Symphony conducted by William Stromberg. This CD is a part of the Monster Music set from Naxos (8.506026). It is available from SAE for $39.95 with all of the CD’s being noteworthy. […]

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