An Inspector Calls (1954)

June 17, 2011

Alalstair Sim stars in a Watergate Production (British filmed at Shepperton) as Inspector Poole in this wonderful murder/suicide mystery concerning  the death of Eva Smith nicely portrayed by Jane Wenham. The screenplay from Desmond Davis was taken from a play of J.B. Priestly and was directed by Guy Hamilton. The story of how the Birling family all had an effect in one way or another on her life and her ultimate demise is done through the use of flashbacks. This is one review that I won’t reveal anymore as it has a real surprise ending that completely shocked me and not only does it have an important message but is the kind of film that you’ll ponder long after you’ve seen it. This isn’t really a ‘B’ movie at all but one that deserves a spot in the ‘A’ category as it is first class British mystery all the way. Great music from Francis Chagrin. If you click on the link here Portrait of Eva – 02 – Track 2 you’ll hear the lovely main theme. Chagrin’s music is available from Chandos (10323). (***1/2)


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