Jungle Siren (1942)

June 16, 2011

Directed by Sam Newfield for PRC Jungle Siren starred Ann Corio of Mimsky’s burlesque fame along with ‘B’ superstar Buster Crabbe in a jungle adventure involving a Nazi takeover, romance which includes a love triangle, fighting between tribal leaders and just plain silliness. Captain Gary Hart (Crabbe) is sent to Carraby in Africa by the French to scout out and build an airstrip for the war effort. He meets and immediately falls in love with jungle leader/goddess Kuhlaya (Corio). Chief Selangi (Jess Lee Brooks) the other tribal leader who is working with the Nazis is of course foiled and killed in his attempt to stop Hart from building his airstrip by Hart and Kuhlaya. In between you get to see Crabbe and Corio show off their good looks. There are just too many things you have to overlook in a thin plot to begin with to make this picture anything but ordinary. It is available for a low cost from Alpha Video (5916D). There is even a “Song of the Jungle” composition by Lang and Porter sung by Corio which I’ve not included an audio clip of. If you’re a fan of these hokey jungle adventures or enjoy Crabbe you’ll get a kick out of this one. Anyone else there are better films to watch. (* 1/2)  



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