Devil Bat’s Daughter (1946)

June 14, 2011

“It’s only unfortunate that this follow-up is a lifeless mystery-and one that makes a mockery of the first film, to boot.” This is a quote from Tom Weaver’s book Poverty Row Horrors who offers a chapter on this film. The first film Tom is talking about is “The Devil Bat”(1940), a big hit for PRC starring Bela Lugosi and previously reviewed


Starring Rosemary La Planche, a former Miss America, and John James, a ‘B’ movie cowboy actor, it tells the story of Nina (La Planche) who is looking for her father, a Dr. Carruthers, who was killed in his cell growth experimenting on bats. As a result it was thought he was a vampire. She is found unconscious and enter a psychiatrist Dr. Morris (Michael Hale) who comes up with a plan to kill his wife so he can be with his true love and blame the crime on her. Of course it all fails in the end and Nina realizes she is not a vampire after all. Director Frank Wishbar, who did Curse of the Swamp People (1945), failed to repeat his successful picture. I caution you that this isn’t a horror movie but a very slow moving mystery which has too many holes and is easy to figure out. It is available for free viewing on the Internet Archive but I can think of far better ways of spending an hour of my time. (*)





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