Mulholland Falls (1996)/Dave Grusin

June 13, 2011

Much has been said about Mulholland Falls, mostly negative as far as the film itself is concerned. I saw the film and didn’t care much for it at all and I’m quite fond of film noir. It had a good cast, excellent location shooting in the city of angels, and more than acceptable directing. It just fell flat on its face. The music is another story. I’ve yet to read anything negative about the wonderful theme and underscore that Dave Grusin created for the film. There is really no discussion that the theme isn’t perfect. I’ve heard it performed by a 100 piece symphony orchestra that brought a tear to my eye and a 20 minute performance by a jazz trio. This theme rivals what David Shire did with Farewell My Lovely, Jerry Goldsmith with Chinatown,  Victor Young with Gun Crazy and David Raksin with Laura, pretty elite territory. The other very pretty offering on this Kritzerland (KR 20019) release is “Harbor Lights” sung by Aaron Neville and arranged by Jimmy Haskell. When I did a little bit of research I was surprised that it was never a chart maker for Neville. Both melodies are very laid back and easy to digest.

Kritzerland has included twenty additional minutes of material that the original Edel (EDL 0029732) release didn’t include but neither have the source material from Basie, Anthony, Christy, Starr, and Martin. If any of this material is of interest to you it is easily obtainable from other sources at a low cost.

I must caution you that you’ll hear the main theme over and over in many arrangements and disguises. “Coolidge Dies/Funeral” features a French horn, there are hints of a female voice in the beginning of the “Main Title,” “Kate Leaves” offers a lush saxophone solo, the “End Credits” a little jazz piano, shimmering strings and delicate piano on “Max and Kate in Bedroom.” The underscore material won’t cause you to want to get up and turn the volume down. You’ll hear no dissonant brass but well thought out ways to add tension, suspense, moving, or surprise to a situation such as using a snare drum in “Geiger Counter” or brass fanfare with string harmony in “Jimmy’s Apartment.”

This release is a nice improvement with the additional material it has to offer. It is a limited edition release of only 1000 copies so it is better to ask sooner rather than later. I’ve included an audio clip of the main title to whet your appetite for more. CLICK  ON LINK  FOLLOWING!!! main title mulholland falls


Track listing


1. Main Title / Drive to Perino’s (03:47)

2. Drive to Falls / After Fall (02:27)

3. Construction Site / Allison (02:13)

4. Max Home Drunk (02:44)

5. Projection Room / Max Goes to Beach (02:03)

6. She Was Wrong / Where We Goin’? / Allison’s Room / Flashback / Jimmy’s Apartment (04:45)

7. Max and Kate in Bedroom / Shoot-Out Epilogue (02:56)

8. Drive to Base / No Admittance / Testing Ground / Jeep Chase(03:40)

9. Geiger Counters / Max Meets Timms (02:28)

10. Human Sacrifice / FBI Search / What Happened? / Max Finds Film (01:58)

11. Kate Gets Package / After Phone Call (02:58)

12. Max Watches Film / Flashback (02:58)

13. At Least / Drive to Plane / Flight to Base / Cancer Ward(03:34)

14. Drive to Timms’ / Gonna Throw Us (02:15)

15. Coolidge Dies / Funeral (02:46)

16. Max and Kate Walk / Kate Leaves / End Credits (06:54)


Bonus Tracks:

17. Harbor Lights (03:22)

Performed by Aaron Neville

18. Main Title [with Alternate Start] (03:12)


Total Duration: 00:57:00



One Response to “Mulholland Falls (1996)/Dave Grusin”

  1. Alan Rogers Says:

    I quite like the original release. I am not sure whether I need this expanded version.

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