Paper Bullets or Gangs Inc (1941)

June 10, 2011


This neat little thriller from PRC with a very young Alan Ladd in a supporting role mixes political graft, crime doesn’t pay, taking the wrap for something you didn’t do, and giving back to society. Veteran Phil Rosen also directed Joan Woodbury, Jack La Rue, and Linda Ware in this seventy minute film which also featured two new songs from Lange and Porter sung by Linda Ware with good piano backing. I found my foot stomping to “I Know I Know.”  Shaky at best were certain situations we’re expected to accept such as the robbery spree where over a $100,000 or more was taken and Rita Adams (Woodbury) just moves to the coast and they stop looking for her. She takes the fall on killing someone on a hit and run and does two years? How did Bill Dugan (Ladd) meet and fall in love immediately with Donna Andrews (Ware)? Somehow this information was just omitted or I missed it or this is just a Hollywood ‘B’ movie. Still if you get passed all of this it is a definitely watchable flick. It is available from Alpha Video (ALP 4168D) at a very low cost. The quality of the picture and audio is fair. (**1/2)


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