They Made Me A Killer (1946)

June 3, 2011


A Metropolis (Pine-Thomas) production stars Robert Lowery, Barbara Britton, and Lola Lane in this noir film that deals with Tom Durling (Lowery) leaving his home in Chicago because of his brother’s death and heading west to California to start his life again. His fast car becomes his downfall as he is duped by Betty Ford (Lane) into being the getaway man in a $100,000 bank robbery. A guard is killed, he is arrested for murder and robbery only to escape to try and bring the real culprits to justice. Romance is supplied by June Reynolds (Britton) sister of the murdered bank teller who shields Durling and helps him in his effort to clear his name. Along the way the noir elements enter as he questions whether or not he should just steal the bank money away from the crooks. In the end a nice touch is that he uses the jukebox to make a recording of the thieves. The screenplay showed imagination in making use of the technology available at the time.


Overall this is a good entry in the ‘B’ movies with the downfall being the lower budget as you see some pretty awful rear projection, a less than film score, and some holes in the screenplay. On the plus side is some good acting, snappy dialogue, and above average photography. The film is available for free viewing on the internet archive    as well as available from Alpha Video (ALP 4854D) at a low cost. I’ve also included an audio clip of the main title. (***)





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