Queen of the Amazons (1946)

June 2, 2011


Produced and directed for Screen Guild Productions (Lippert Inc.) by Edward Finney the jungle drama starred Robert Lowery, Patricia Morison, Amira Moustafa, and J. Edward Bromberg in a case of a missing fiancé in the jungles of Africa. The title is of course misleading because Queen Zita really wasn’t a particularly strong women at all. The safari’s second reason was to find who was illegally importing ivory and as a consequence dead bodies begin turning up. Add romance between Lowrey and Morison as well as Moustafa and Edwards and you’ve got the soap opera. The plot was very thin and I could see through it almost immediately. It was fun to see Bromberg, who played Professor Lazlo in Son of Dracula, and Morison who was a nasty foe Hilda Courtney in the Sherlock Holmes film Dressed to Kill. Because of the low budget there was a lot of stock footage of Africa intermixed with the film and the use of a certain amount of narration tried to make it seem like a documentary which of course it wasn’t. The score from Lee Zahler was nothing to write home about. I’ve still included an audio clip from the main title of the film. It was there and little else can be said. The film is available for free viewing on the internet archive as well as Alpha Video (ALP 4246D) at a very low cost.http://www.archive.org/details/QueenoftheAmazons .

If you have an interest in the supporting cast of Bromberg and Morison it would be worth your time to see it. Otherwise it might be one to pass on as there is just too much stock footage to suit my taste. (*1/2)


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