The Amazing Transparent Man (1960)

May 23, 2011

The Amazing Transparent Man, directed by Edward G. Ulmer, starred James Griffith as the major, Douglas Kennedy as Joey, Marguerite Chapman as Laura the eye candy, and Ivan Triesault as Dr. Ulof in a tale of  exactly what the title says. Dr. Ulof has invented a special x-ray which will make people invisible. The major is looking to steal more uranium and create an army to rule the world. The major breaks Joey out of the slammer to safecrack his way to obtain more of the X13 material. Joey has other ideas which include a little bank robbing. The project goes amiss and Joey starts appearing and disappearing due to the radiation poisoning. In a twist at the end Joey does a good turn and helps save his country from disaster by killing the major and blowing up the lab in the process.

The special effects while not exciting didn’t enhance or take away from the film. The special machinery to make you invisible will seem quite outdated looking at it now but it was acceptable while watching. It made little sense that the nuclear explosion at the end of the picture did little more than blow up the house. Perhaps I missed something? Joey can crack a safe but not pick a single lock on a door? These and other things made for a very thin plot. The cast were all fine career character actors but were really given very little to work with. It could have certainly been improved upon. (*1/2)

Amazing Transparent Man  Audio link of main title by Darrell Calker


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