Bluebeard (1944)

May 20, 2011

Bluebeard, considered to be one of the best efforts of PRC, starred John Carradine as the demented painter/puppeteer Gaston Morrell who terrorized Paris by killing young women who he had painted. Carradine was quite the dashing handsome leading man, a radical departure from his usual roles and gave a fine performance, his personal favorite role of the 100’s that he did. Tom Weaver’s book Poverty Row Horrors! devotes an entire chapter to this film if you’re looking for more information about this film. The soundtrack was a strange one as it was non stop and mainly consisted of “Pictures At An Exhibition” by Moussorgsky. I never thought of it as underscore but it did somewhat work especially in a couple of the creepy situations. The film also starred Jean Parker, Nils Asther and Teala Loring in a rather slow moving film with the low budget minded PRC cutting a lot of corners. This film is available for viewing on the Internet Archive and is okay picture and sound quality. Definitely worth a watch to see Carradine (**1/2)


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