International Crime (1938)

May 16, 2011

The second Shadow film starring Rod La Rocque is starting to get a little closer to what we’re comfortable with. He has a radio show now, advertises crime doesn’t pay, and has Phoebe Lane (closer to Margo) played by Astrid Allwyn. This one which hints at the Germans as the bad guys is really more of a comedy than a mystery. Phoebe Lane is daughter of the publisher of the newspaper that sponsors Cranston’s radio show and she is truly dizzy causing all sorts of problems. He doesn’t hide his identity or lurk in the shadows but seems to get into fights with his boss on the paper, the police chief Weston, and even a recently released safe cracker. His driver now is another comedian and is really another variation of the Thin Man films. Again a word of caution. This has nothing to do with what you might think as far as the Shadow is concerned (*). As a comedy I would up the rating a star (**).

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