The Monster That Challenged The World (1957)

May 15, 2011

Mollusk monsters from the Salton Sea in the Imperial Valley in California is the basis for this 1957 Gramercy/MGM picture directed by Arnold Laven and starring Tim Holt, Audrey Dalton, and Hans Conried. An earthquake hatches the monsters and they proceed to kill and reek havoc before the navy comes to the rescue and destroy the snail like creatures( less the shell) in this slow moving science fiction thriller. Tim Holt best known for his superb role as Curtin in Treasure of the Sierra Madre is nothing more than adequate as “Twigg” the wooden by the book commander. In this film he showed me why he never received top billing except for his endless number of ‘B’ westerns. Reminded me of the acting of Jack Webb in Dragnet. Audrey Dalton, who was a busy actress on television, was the love interest who added little to the story. The role of the scientist by Conried was superb and the highlight of the film as far as acting was concerned. The score composed and conducted by Heinz Roemheld was recently released by Monstrous Movie Music(#MMM1961) and is one of the better done for any science fiction film. With track titles like “Mollusk Mood Music” how can you not investigate it further and make this a part of your collection. I only have a mild interest in this one. (**)


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