The Devil Bat (1940)

May 9, 2011


One of the very good films that PRC produced was Devil Bat (1940) starring Bela Lugosi as Dr. Paul Carruthers a scientist who developed a greaseless cold cream which he sold to the Heath family who parlayed it into an extremely successful cosmetics company. Revenge for being wronged is on his mind as he creates a huge vampire bat using some sort of electronic hocus pocus to and trains it to attack and kill anyone who is wearing a new aftershave lotion he has created. One by one the members of the Heath clan are murdered by the devil bat. The newspaper gets wind of what is happening and sends two reporters who promptly become detectives attempting to solve the crime, which they do. Dr. Carruthers is done in at the end being doused with his own aftershave and the bat of course attacks and kills him. The sheriff and newspaper crew arrive in time to kill the bat and save the day. The plot will not win any awards, the dialogue is over the top at times, and the special effects are just awful if you can call them that at all. I think I could do better myself in my backyard! You want to watch this film to see Lugosi who is absolutely wonderful in the top billing role. The music from Chudnow is just fine adding to the horror and terror of the film. I’ve included an audio clip of the main title. The film is available to watch for free on the internet archive. It is also available from Alpha Video (ALP 3211D) for a very reasonable price. (***)


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  1. […] “It’s only unfortunate that this follow-up is a lifeless mystery-and one that makes a mockery of the first film, to boot.” This is a quote from Tom Weaver’s book Poverty Row Horrors who offers a chapter on this film. The first film Tom is talking about is “The Devil Bat”(1940), a big hit for PRC starring Bela Lugosi and previously reviewed […]

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