Mystery of the Wax Musuem

May 7, 2011

An early directed Micheal Curtiz film for Warner Bros, it starred Lionel Atwill as a creepy disfigured wax musuem owner who murdered people and turned them into wax figures after he had been left for dead by his partner 12 years earlier in a fire that destroyed his legitimate wax figures.Atwill known for his many character roles in horror and drama films was given top billing in 1933 which also starred Fay Wray and showed at least in this film he was deserving of the top spot. Unique about this film was the use of the two color technicolor process which added to the already well done film. Curtiz who went on to do such films as Casablanca and Robin Hood did a fine directing job in this higher budget film which featured good sets, scary makeup for Atwill and wax figures. Glenda Farrell was good as the smart mouthed reporter who added just enough humor with her one liners to put a smile on your face. Coupled with the 1953 remake of the picture with Vincent Price I found this to be an extremely worthwhile twin bill. (***1/2)


One Response to “Mystery of the Wax Musuem”

  1. John Weber Says:

    Actually, the “smart mouthed reporter” was played by Glenda Farrell, not Fay Wray. Fay played Glenda’s pretty roommate, who was nearly coated with molten wax by Lionel Atwill. Fay also played opposite Atwill in THE VAMPIRE BAT and DOCTOR X.

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