Dance in the Old Style/Korngold

May 2, 2011

05 – Tänzchen im alten Stil  

In 2007 in a festival in Finland to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the passing of Korngold John Storgards and the Helsinki Philharmonic premiered this seven minute dance written when Erich was 22 years old.  Little is known about the work other than recently being discovered and performed. Five years later Ondine (ODE 1182-2) has made it available on CD coupled with his F Sharp Major Symphony.

One can picture England of old watching a young man and woman dance ever so delicately to the minuet. It has the ancient sound but is offered with a modern orchestra so you’ll hear the flute, clarinet, bassoon start the melody and the strings finish. The second section of the work offers a typical Korngold yearning romantic melody very 20th century and would not be out of place in a quiet moment in a film. As it is completed the work goes back to the original minuet and a coda completes the close.

If you’re a fan of Korngold and don’t have this it is available through Naxos direct as a download. If you’ve not heard the symphony (also reviewed) you’ll be in for a double treat. I’ve included a small audio clip. Recommended.

Tanzchen (Dance in the Old Style) (7:19)


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