Mr. Wong in Phantom of Chinatown (1940)

April 25, 2011

The 6th and last film in the Mr. Wong series starred Keye Luke as the detective with Street (Withers) still the police detective but Marjorie Reynolds, William Nigh, and Scott Darling no longer participated. They were replaced by Wiley (screenplay), Rosen (director), and Long (lead female role). The story involves an ancient scroll discovered on an expedition to China that revealed large oil deposits. During the slide show presentation the professor (Charles Miller) is murdered and the story begins. Luke I believe had the honor of being the first Chinese American to actually portray a fictional oriental character as Oland, Lorre, Karloff, and Toler weren’t. Having portrayed Chan’s #1 son with Warner Oland I found it a bit difficult to see the change in roles. Having said that Luke performed the role well enough. This is available for free viewing on the internet archive as well as for sale thru Alpha video in the Wong set for $17.00 or separately. This entry is above average in the series. (**1/2).


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