Charlie Chan in Docks of New Orleans (1948)

April 12, 2011

 Directed by Derwin Abrahams for Monogram this is the second Charlie Chan film starring Roland Winters. LaFontanne (Boyd Irwin), owner of a chemical company is murdered apparently by Swenstrom (Harry Hayden) for stealing his poison gas formula. Add to the mix foreign agents who not only want the formula but a shipment of it going to South America and you have a good mystery. It had one of the better murder weapons I’ve encountered which was a radio tube filled with poison gas which would break when a certain frequency response was reached. As I watch the later low budget Chan films (16 total) I’m quite comfortable with Winters and really find him on the same level as the one’s that Toler did for Monogram. I still prefer Sidney Toler in the 20th Century Fox films because of the higher budget. Moreland and Yung take a backseat to the murder plot and the solving of the case, although their antics early in the picture put a smile on my face. The cast of Virginia Dale, Carol Forman, John Gallaudelt, and Harry Hayden added fine support to the film. This film is available on the Internet for free viewing and not on DVD to my knowledge at least at the time of this writing. It is a remake  of the Mr. Wong , Detective (Monogram 1938) film starring Boris Karloff. I’ve included an audio clip of the main title music from Edward Kay along with a short clip of  Click docks of new orleans Even though Monogram claims that Scott Darling did the original screenplay, the story from Houston Branch for the Wong film is you be the judge and watch both. (**1/2)


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