Black Dragons

March 22, 2011


This 1942 William ‘Mr Wong’ Nigh directed picture was the third film in the “Monogram 9” that Lugosi did for the poverty row company. It also featured Clayton ‘Lone Ranger’ Moore as a fed assigned to the murders of prominent business men who were found with japanese daggers in their hand usually in front of the japanese embassy. We know Lugosi or Columb is the killer but it is not clear until a flashback at the end of the film reveals the revenge and that these men were clones operated on by Lugosi as Dr. Melcher, nazi, and put in key places to infiltrate. The double cross occurs when Melcher is no longer needed by the japanese headed by the Dragon, played by Stanford Jolley, a favorite character actor of mine. The World War II theme film had a good screenplay, decent acting, a lot of stock footage and music, and moved right along in the approximate one hour running time. As the cloning and double cross of Lugosi was revealed a lot of the clues along the way made sense but not at the time such as the business card sent special delivery that said plastic surgeon results guaranteed. Joan Barclay, who I know little about also starred. This film is worth having as it is available from Alpha video at a reasonable price of $5.00 and it is Lugosi. The Harvey Gates screenplay from an idea of  Robert Kehoe, his only IMDB credit, was above average.



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